The Beauty of Isaan by T. Hunt Locke

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I am one of those who had the great pleasure meeting this stylish lady, several times. Sometimes, while we had a cigarette in the “tunnel” (back when I smoked), she could tell me some amazing stories about well known people.

Thailand Footprint: Impressions left by the books, people, places and music of Thailand and South East Asia

Introduction by Kevin Cummings:

The Beauty of Isaan is a non-fiction short story which first appeared in the book, Bangkok Beat published in June of 2015. It is being republished here with the permission of the author. 


The Beauty of Isaan

By Thomas Hunt Locke

I jumped on the skytrain. “Exit at Nana, directly opposite the Landmark Hotel, you can’t miss us. Look for the sign, Checkinn99.”

The ‘you can’t miss us’ comment I later understood as Aussie humor. A glance at my watch showed I was early. I grabbed a beer and retreated back to the long entranceway I had just passed through. A Marlboro was torched. The photos lining the tunnel had not been missed. I now gave them the attention they deserved. A story, somewhat haunting, was on display.

The story of my appearance is worth noting. Stuck at a crossroads in my book…

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