Leaving Thailand – A Memoir by Steve Rosse.

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Glad I bought this book.
I was very curious about this book when it got my attention because I have a preference for the more non-fiction side of books. The title especially made me really want to read it. Why did the author leave Thailand, and what did he experience before he left?
The book turned out to be a page turner. Very easy to read. I started to read it late in the evening in bed, but had to stop that since suddenly it was very late (early morning). The book made me burn the midnight oil.
Steve Rosse takes us on a journey from the USA to Thailand, back to the US and to Thailand again (for a visit), where we follow him through his various encounters with women, colleagues, flings, and more serious relationships. And not to forget, the work and family issues he experiences. Some of the readers might find some of this very familiar.
I was surprised how personal the book was,  Steve Rosse invites us into his mind, and he shares a lot of personal issues with us. Again, the book was very easy to read, and I am very glad I bought this book.
Absolutely recommend it to anyone who has either been a long time in Thailand, or plan to travel to Thailand and stay for an extended time, to buy it. Doesn’t matter if the book was written a few years ago, most of it are still very much the same.
Something to read on my travels.
Hopefully I will be able some time in the future to meet Mr. Steve Rosse in person. I feel I have a lot I want to talk to him about. And to have the book signed as well.

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