To work on a Cruise ship, and see the world.

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When this industry opens up again, there are jobs available out there.

The Traveller.


A young and excited Officer on a Cruise ship. I think it was taken in 1995 or 1996.

During all the years I have worked on cruise ships, one question which has come up again and again from friends and family members, is how it is possible to work on a cruise ship, and at the same time have time off to see the world. How is it that one can work full days, and still have the time and energy to be a tourist as well?

Actually, most comments I have received about being a Deck Officer (my job) on a cruise ship is that it is quite an easy thing to do, and the days are normally spent to sit out on the Deck and drink cocktails with umbrellas in, together with some sweet old ladies.  Or Hosting Dinner parties with several senior couples (and singles)…

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