New Tourist Site on West Coast of Norway

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Visit Norway/Innovation Norway has announced a new bridge allowing visitors to literally walk across the Vøringsfossen, described as “perhaps the best-known waterfall in Norway.”

Located in the Måbødalen valley on the west coast, the waterfall is 182 meters high, sending the water down from the Hardangervidda plateau. It is described as offering a dramatic visual transition between the fjord and mountain plateau.

The bridge is designed by architect Carl-Viggo Hølmebakk. 

Amazing stuff.

“The construction needed to safe and solid,” he said, “connecting with the old, historic road and the landscape; and, of course, emphasize the views and experiences.”

The bridge has a range of 47 meters and has 99 steps.

The bridge has been built step by step over several years. The first leg of the project was finished in 2018 and included viewing platforms, paths, a parking lot and service facilities near the Fossli Hotel. By 2021, there will be new viewing platforms and paths added.

Courtesy of Cruise Industry news.

As a Norwegian, I would also visit these places.

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