A visit to APOTEKA Live Gastropub, in Bangkok.

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Apoteka, or Apoteka Live Gastropub, as the official name is, has becoming an increasingly popular place for expats and tourists visiting Bangkok, Thailand. Especially in the weekends, it proves difficult to even get a seat here if you do not arrive very early in the evening/afternoon.

I have been here several times already, meeting friends and family. For me, it is a perfect location, since I normally would use one of the many hotels located in Sukhumvit road, soi 11. Just a couple of hundred meters walk from the main road (Sukhumvit road). Actually this location in soi 11 is closer to where soi 5 is.

Friends and family.

The name Live gastropub indicates obviously they have live music here as well as serving food. And the music is always good! Always. Plenty of different acts consisting of local as well as foreign talent will perform here. Once in a while you will experience a gem of an artist when it comes to either a brilliant vocalist or a virtuous musician. And then you will of course always have the seasoned professionals in the mix. Remember, if you are here to only chat with your company, and not to watch/listen to the music, you will need to sit outside, as the music can be a bit too loud for regular talking when inside.

The food is very good. Not the biggest menu, which I always find encouraging since bigger menus in Thailand means the restaurants are often out of the items. The price is not too expensive considering this is in Soi 11, where you find more and more fancy places for the hipster wannabes. And the food is very tasteful. Not a place for a dinner party, but good enough to have a dinner combined with drinks/beer, and music.

Most of the customers do not stay all evening here, but use this place either for a meet up, or part of their bar hopping nights. Me myself have spent both a full evening here as well as the meet up place, before moving on. And we will normally sit outside where we can hear everyone around the table.

With family and friends.

There are only one large table outside, in addition to 4 smaller two-person tables. So if you come in a very large group it would prove difficult to arrange seating for many people.

I highly recommend this place, and do not become discouraged about the poor state of the road in this soi, where you find potholes, loose pavement bricks, and garbage everywhere. The place is worth a visit. APOTEKA’s facebook page here.


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