Picking up refugees at sea.

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Important issue these days.

Travelling storyteller.

This land is my land, this land is your land…..

(Picking up refugees at sea)



I wrote a blog some time ago with the title “I am blessed”, where I talked about working on a luxury cruise ship, and what we meet sometimes while traveling the world. That story referred to an experience all the way back in 1995. And it gave me The Mother of an eye opener in regards to how different our lives can turn out become.
 I was recently “blessed again” by being in such a position once more, observing firsthand how different lives we live, again depending upon where we are born.
This time was even more dramatic than “only” observing how people live around the world. As I was finding myself in the midst of a rescue operation, involving the cruise ship I work on as the ship’s Staff Captain…

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