The Environmental policy fueled by Norwegian greed.

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We have seen them all over, we have heard them (if you have been near), and we read about them all the time. I am talking about the windmills. Ah yes, the windmills, which is God’s own invention for the Environmentalists who happens to live a nice urban life, and occasionally take the trip outdoors to demonstrate their political correctness.

And to make the windmill case even stronger for the environmentalists, the business society have jumped on the bandwagon, since there are lots of money to be made from this. A lot! All in the name of greener life. And this have been a free ride for the Norwegian Prime minister Erna Solberg and her business partners. Because PM Erna Solberg and her cronies have made sure their business friends make a fortune out of destroying the Norwegian nature, in the name of the environment. So Erna Solberg can claim she is thinking of the environment. A win win situation.

Erna Solberg, the she-wolf in sheep clothing.
PM Erna Solberg. The cartoon reads: Sustainable green politics. We are saving the world folks.

How can it be that the nature can be destroyed by something which is friendly to the environment? Well, let’s have a look, shall we? First, It is really no secret anymore that Norway is a very political corrupt country, and where Elitisme has been developed for quite some time. This has been possible because Norway has lived well the last 30-40 years, due to the huge amount of natural resources, such as oil and gas, hydroelectric development, and a big fishery sector. So people in general live their lives well, and agree a little bit upon how corrupt the politicians are. But as long as people do not feel it personally, oh well. So when popular issues as save the environment (which most of us agree upon) comes along, we do not see that it often comes hand in hand with greed.

The destruction of the nature is becoming so grotesk, it will never ever be the same again. The very nature we want to protect is becoming some sort of green industry parks instead. The road network made by excavating, drilling, blowing (with dynamite), to make roads, are already stretching miles after miles, through the “untouched nature”. The very same nature the Norwegian state tries to advertise for internationally. All these roads need to be maintained by using….correct..not so environmental friendly equipment.

Some numbers.

I think I have the last 2 years read 4-5 reports telling me about how ridiculous these projects are for every single report how good they are. The Crazy part is that this is hardly discussed anymore among the politicians, despite the fact media cover it all the time. I wonder why. Easy, they try to just silence it, knowing the Norwegians will soon go back to their regular cozy lifes. And i am afraid that will happen.

Here is a very nice article published by Aljazeera, titled “The Dark Side of Green Energy”. This is a very nice read which you can be found here.

Above, a few slides of how the very same nature they want to save, is fucked up. Below, is a nice little video from Youtube made to illustrate what is happening to the nature, in order to save….the nature. Visit Norway – And see how we destroy our country with windmills.

Let us have a look at one example of how good old Norwegian greed is destroying the nature, in the name of making the tourist experience better.

Lets fuck it up, so it looks better.

The article to the video (in Norwegian) here.

So why is people not getting more response from the celebrities? Easy. The Norwegian A, B and C celebrities, celebrity bloggers, and state paid artists, have already sold themself as prostitutes to the businesses, by doing advertising all the time. So they can not bite the hand which feeds them. And as already mentioned, the Norwegians have become a lazy, spoiled, and generally non-interested people. Due to the good life the last 30-40 years. Except for the keyboard warriors of course, who can slag off anyone being anonymous.

Fair enough, some people get engaged, by sharing stuff on facebook, and by clicking their obligatory “like” here and there, before they turn their focus to tone of the favorite so called “reality shows”. The political correctness has now swung so much to the extreme end, you might be branded as a “hater” if you disagree with what is political hip.

And as always, the shit hits the fan, a few years from now. The politicians and their greedy business partners will say…But it was at that time….. the right thing to do.

Welcome to Norway.

Rgds Sailor.


  1. Exactly the same disaster unfolding here in Australia. Same lies and bull shit fed to the lazy thinking public. Shit loads of money shovelled off to China.


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