Miami Hoping to Ease Up Cruise Line Guarantees in Support Push.

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ortMiami is continuing to step up to help the cruise industry, as the officials hope to push through regulations to alleviate cruise lines of minimum passenger guarantees during their recovery phase.

Already waving fees for ships docking for technical and crew repatriation reasons, the port hopes to relieve cruise lines of their minimum annual passenger guarantees, according to a document submitted Miami’s Ports and Tourism Committee. 

This would come in exchange for the cruise lines to “maintain or increase their PortMiami market share relative to other U.S. ports in terms of passenger volumes and/or (2) to guarantee vessel calls; and (3) on a cruise line by cruise line basis, to meet any other additional conditions required by the County Mayor or County Mayor’s designee, if any, in his/her discretion (i.e., return of available weekend berthing rights, modifications to the scope of the County-funded components of construction projects or other County borne construction-related obligations, etc.).”

Cruise lines will be required to pay……….

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