UK Welcomes First Cruise Since Pandemic.

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Portsmouth International Port has become the first British port to welcome a cruise since the start of the coronavirus quarantine, according to a statement.

SeaDream Yacht Club’s vessel, SeaDream 1, stopped in Portsmouth on Oct. 19 to pick up 19 passengers for a transatlantic voyage to the Caribbean.

he yacht, which can normally hold 110 guests, is running its voyage based on the most recent strict health and safety protocols, according to a press release. 

All the passengers had to test negative for the coronavirus no more than 72 hours in advance, as well as immediately before boarding.

Extensive cleaning and sanitation regimes are in force on the vessel, according to the press release by Portsmouth.

“We’re experienced at managing passengers in a COVID secure way, with ferry sailings taking place regularly since July following strict protocols,” the Head of Operations at Portsmouth International Port, Ian Diaper, said. “This had given us insight for what’s required and we’re ready to help the industry recover when cruise returns to its full capacity.”

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