AIDA Clamps Down as Passenger Leaves Tour Group.

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AIDA Cruises has denied boarding to a passenger that has left a shore excursion on the first cruise of the AIDAblu under strict new health and safety protocols.

Guests can only leave the ship in transit ports on company-organized shore excursions, where AIDA can ensure their health standards are being met.

With a guest reported to have left the tour on his or her own in Catania (Italy), the German brand denied reboarding to the passenger.

AIDA said the guest violated its rules of conduct for protection against COVID-19, adding that the health and safety of all guests and crew aboard the AIDAblu was its top priority.

“Therefore, the guest was refused further travel onboard AIDAblu. AIDA Cruises will support the guest in organizing his return trip,” the company said.

According to Cruise Industry News…… here.

Cruise Industry News facebook…. here.

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