In the Age of COVID, Do Cruisers Prefer Big or Small Ships?

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If and when the CDC’s no-sail order expires, how will cruisers return to the water?

Will they book huge mega-ships because there’s plenty of room for distancing? Or are smaller vessels to more remote locations more attractive?

Like always, it depends on the traveler.

“From a social distancing standpoint, both small ship and large ship cruising are going to be making major changes to dining and entertainment to accommodate,” said Michelle Fee, CEO and founder of Cruise Planners, an American Express Travel Representative. “Large ships do have an advantage because there is just so much more space dedicated to dining and common areas, which inherently spreads people out amongst the ship already. With heavily-reduced capacities onboard, it will be easier to accommodate on a large ship.”

Drew Daly, senior vice president and general manager of Dream Vacations, CruiseOne and Cruises Inc., said “the larger ships are definitely going to provide for more space and options for social distancing. This will alleviate any friction a consumer has about being in a closed-in space onboard. That said, river cruising and smaller ships will also provide customers with comfort with regards to the total number of people on the ship.”TRENDING NOWCruise Trends

The Maritime Post…… here.

Happy sailing

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