Azamara to Launch ‘Masterclass Series’ to Support Travel Advisors.

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Azamara is launching a new masterclass series of on-demand videos aimed at supporting its travel advisor community, according to a statement from the cruise company. 

The series will provide “much needed destination education and sales boosting modules that will coach travel advisors to optimize their business,” according to a press release. They will be hosted on the brand’s online portal for travel advisors, Azamara Connect.

“We value our resilient trade partners and will continue to support their business during these challenging times,” said Azamara’s Associate Vice President of Sales and Trade Support, Nils Lindstad.

As part of the educational series, Azamara has provided three 60-minute webinars focused on France, Spain, Italy, and Greece intensives. Future episodes will include: Discovering the Black Sea (available on Dec. 3, 2020), The Azamara Consumer, Sales Tips and Tricks, A How-To Marketing Guide, Offers and Promotions, Crafting the Perfect Story, and How to Gauge Success.

The second phase of Azamara’s masterclass series is expected to focus on the brand’s return to service and relevant updates for travel advisors.

Travel advisors will receive an email with a link to register for the series through Azamara Connect, the cruise line stated.


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