Ice Hockey in Bangkok and Light the Lamp Memories

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Ice hockey in Thailand. Story by Kevin S. Cummings.

Thailand Footprint: Impressions left by the books, people, places and music of Thailand and South East Asia

As a born and raised California guy my exposure to ice hockey has been limited but often memorable. This was the case last Sunday night in Bangkok when I met Greg Beatty, a Canadian passport holder and, as the odds would have it, a fan and player of the most popular sport of my northern neighbors, along with American photographer Eric Nelson who hails from St Louis, Missouri originally. Eric once shot photographs of a St Louis Blues hockey game back when people still used Kodak film. Our Mission: to watch and photograph a Siam Hockey League game or two.

The year is 2020 – the year from hell – so what better way to spend a Sunday night in the City of Angels than to chill in the cool of the Imperial World Olympic sized ice rink, located on the top floor of Imperial World Samrong 999 Sukhumvit…

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