ILO resolution addresses the plight of hundreds of thousands of seafarers.

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Its resolution addresses the plight of hundreds of thousands of seafarers who have been trapped at sea for as many as 17 months or longer because of pandemic restrictions.

The Governing Body of the International Labour Organization has taken the exceptional action of adopting a Resolution to address the dire situation of seafarers trapped at sea because of the COVID-19 pandemic .

“The problems faced by seafarers resulting from efforts to contain the virus have lasted unacceptably long”, said ILO Director-General, Guy Ryder. “These key workers continue to transport the food, medicines and goods that we need, but their extended periods at sea, and the inability of seafarers ashore to relieve them, are simply unsustainable. The Resolution sets out the actions to be taken urgently.”

The Resolution concerning Maritime labour and the COVID-19 pandemic acknowledges the considerable social dialogue that has occurred and actions that have been taken by key shipowner and seafarer organizations and some governments to address the crisis. It notes that, despite numerous appeals and actions through the United Nations system, hundreds of thousands of seafarers continue to work well beyond usual periods of service at sea, with some now on board for 17 months and longer.


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