MSC Cruises: Largest Brand Orderbook with 12 New Ships.

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The largest single expansion planned in the cruise industry comes from MSC Cruises, which has 12 ships on order from 2021 through 2027.

The fastest-expanding cruise line in the world has $11.3 billion invested in 12 new ships, adding approximately 44,496 berths to the company’s fleet.

Of note, the MSC World Europa and her three sisters will be powered by clean-burning LNG, as will another Meraviglia-class vessel, due to debut in 2023.

MSC is also launching a luxury brand, with ships expected to be delivered annually starting in 2023.

Cruise LineShipCost(1)TonnageCapacityYardSailingDeliveryYear
MSC CruisesVirtuosa$900177,1004,888ChantiersEuropeQ22021
MSC CruisesSeashore$1,100169,3804,560FincantieriEuropeSummer2021
MSC CruisesWorld Europa$1,200205,7005,400ChantiersTBAMay2022
MSC CruisesUnnamed$60064,0001,000FincantieriWorldSpring2023
MSC CruisesUnnamed$1,100169,3804,560FincantieriTBATBA2023
MSC CruisesUnnamed$1,000177,1004,888ChantiersTBATBA2023
MSC CruisesUnnamed$60064,0001,000FincantieriWorldSpring2024
MSC CruisesUnnamed$1,200205,7005,400ChantiersTBATBA2024
MSC CruisesUnnamed$60064,0001,000FincantieriWorldSpring2025
MSC CruisesUnnamed$1,200205,7005,400ChantiersTBATBA2025
MSC CruisesUnnamed$60064,0001,000FincantieriWorldSpring2026
MSC CruisesUnnamed$1,200205,7005,400ChantiersTBATBA2027


Impressive growth, rgds Sailor

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