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Today’s picture is from the Navy, many years ago.

When I was on the smaller Missil Torpedo boats, or coastal corvettes, we would sometimes stop somewhere along the Norwegian coast, to fish.

This was a very smart way for the Food & Beverage Officer to save money. Because if we fished our own fish dinners, he could save money, and we ended up with some very nice steak dinners once a month, since the F&B Officer now could afford it on the budgets.

Winter time, obviously.

This activity was actually very popular among the Officers and crew. It was a break in the routines with transiting the coast, exercises, and sometimes very long days and nights on duty. It was particularly popular among the crew who came from the bigger cities, and smaller towns inland, because they had never done this before. Remember, most of the crew were conscripts, with just a few professionals (contracted) among them.

My catch that day.

The picture above, you can see one of the Missile launchers in the background. 😉

Good times. Good memories.

Rgds, Sailor


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