Cruise Ships That Sit in Limbo Status.

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A number of cruise ships sit laid up awaiting their fate due to the COVID-19 pandemic, whether its a new  brand and a return to cruising, or the eventual demolition market. 

Capacity: 1,590
Tonnage: 70,000
Year built: 1991

The Satoshi (pictured above) seems to have escaped the breakers after being sold to new ownersPreviously Alang-bound, the vessel is now in Europe and may have a new life with a startup cruise line. The ship is the former P&O Australia Pacific Dawn.


Capacity: 402
Tonnage: 9,845
Year built: 1961

Auctioned earlier this year, the Funchal remains languishing in Lisbon, Portugal. Built in the 1960s, the vessel was last owned by Standard Living, who planned to transform it into a ravers party boat.


Capacity: 1,441
Tonnage: 47,255
Year built: 1992

Acquired by Peace Boat in 2020, the Zenith was replaced before even entering service with its new operator. While its fleet mate Ocean Dream was scrapped earlier this year, the former Pullmantur vessel is still sitting in Greece, waiting for a decision on its future.

RCGS Resolute

RCGS Resolute
Capacity: 146
Tonnage: 9,000
Year built: 1993

After being arrested in 2019, the RCGS Resolute was auctioned in 2020 for just $600,000. It is still lacking an operator and concrete plans for a service resumption. The ship is reported to be laid up in Greece.

Silver Galapagos

Silver Galapagos
Capacity: 100
Tonnage: 4,077
Year built: 1990

Replaced by a newbuild, the Silver Galapagos left the Silversea Cruises fleet in 2020. The expedition vessel is currently laid up in Ecuador with no announced plans for its future.

Marella Dream

Marella Dream
Capacity: 1,506
Tonnage: 55,000
Year built: 1986

In 2020, Marella Cruises decided to retire the 1986-built Marella Dream earlier than planned due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The vessel left the fleet in September and went to Greece, where it is currently anchored.

Marella Celebration

Marella Celebration
Capacity: 1,250
Tonnage: 33,930
Year built: 1984

With the pandemic, the Marella Celebration was retired earlier than planned. After 15 years sailing for Marella, the vessel left the fleet in April 2020. While the scrap yard was rumored as the vessel’s final destination, it remains anchored in the Greece’s Elefsis Bay to this date.

The Horizon

Capacity: 1,442
Tonnage: 47,000
Year built: 1990

Another ship anchored in the Elefsis Bay is the Horizon. Operated by Pullmantur Cruceros until March 2020, the vessel was returned to Royal Caribbean Cruises when the Spanish cruise line entered administration, in July.

Projected to be scrapped like the rest of Pullmantur’s fleet, it has remained laid-up in Greece ever since.


Capacity: 520
Tonnage: 16,100
Year built: 1948

Previously chartered by Cruise & Maritime Voyages, the Astoria is back on the market. The vessel was reportedly auctioned in February, after its last owners were declared insolvent.

Pearl II

Pearl II
Capacity: 446
Tonnage: 18,627
Year built: 1981

Replaced by a newbuild, the former Saga Pearl II was sold by Saga Cruises in 2019. Under new management, the vessel has been laid up in Greece for over a year.


Capacity: 350
Tonnage: 12,892
Year built: 1996

Previously operated by the former Swan Hellenic brand, the Minerva was sold in 2017 and was set to be transformed into a private yacht. The project, however, appears to be abandoned as the vessel remains laid up.

P&O Oceana

Queen of the Oceans
Capacity: 2,000
Tonnage: 90,000
Year built: 1999

Sold by P&O Cruises in 2020, the former Oceana was bought by the Greek ferry operator Seajets. While no concrete plans for the 2000-built vessel were announced, its future remains unknown.


Aegean Myth
Capacity: 1,258
Tonnage: 55,451
Year built: 1993

The Maasdam was bought by Seajets in July 2020. Previously operated by Holland America Line, the 1993-built vessel was renamed Aegean Myth and remains laid-up in Greece, with future unknown.


Aegean Majesty
Capacity: 1,350
Tonnage: 55,819
Year built: 1996

Another ship sold to Seajets by Holland America Line, the Aegean Majesty is the former Veendam. As the former Maasdam, the vessel is sitting idle on a Greek port.

Pacific Aria

Aegean Goddess
Capacity: 1,258
Tonnage: 55,819
Year built: 1993

Also bought by Seajets, the Aegean Goddess was previously operated by P&O Cruises Australia as the Pacific Aria. The ferry operator hasn’t announced plans for the vessel, which is also docked in Greece.  


Capacity: 2,354
Tonnage: 73,941
Year built: 1992

Seajets latest acquisition, the Majesty was previously operated by Royal Caribbean International. Bought by the Greek operator earlier this year.


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