Bangkok Knights, by Collin Piprell.

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Still hoping a second book will be written.
Would be interesting to follow the characters into the modern day Bangkok.

Travelling storyteller.

This is a book I wanted to read for some time.
The book was originally publish back in 1989 I believe, but is still very applicable today.
To me, it doesn’t matter if a book is published years ago, I can still enjoy it.
Just as with films and music.
And boy, did I enjoy this book!
What I instantly noticed, reading this good book (bangkok knights), was the fact that the characters in the book felt very familiar to me.
It could easily have been about some of my friends and acquaintances I met over the years.
Bangkok Knights is very easy to read, even for a extremely impatient person as myself. It takes nothing to disturb me.
I found myself giggling, and sometimes laughing out loudly over many of the situations the characters find them self in.
I also found out that I had a lot in common…

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