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This picture was taken in Thailand in 2020. To be exact, it was taken up in the region called Isaan, which is in the north eastern part of Thailand. The place is called Bahn Hua Nah Khum, or….. Ban Hua Na Kham

My in-laws have a farm here, so I visit as often as possible.

Came across this gentleman who was watching his water Buffalos.

You can see he has had a rather hard life. But he was happy with his life, he told my wife.

I walked closer to the buffalo to take a close up picture, and got told to not get too close. I didn’t see it was a calf just behind, so the buffalo could get veeeeery angry.

Hi there.

One of those pictures you take in your life, which turns out very nicely, and have a great story about an individual (the farmer).

Ahhhhhh, I really miss traveling now.

Rgds, Sailor

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