European Championship in Football.

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Some of you have most likely registered it is a football (Soccer) tournament going on in Europe. This is the 2020 (postponed to 2021) European Championship in Football, for the national Teams. And why this is related to Seabourn Cruise Line, you may ask. Because as it turns out, one of the matches will be between England and Germany, and it will be played at Wembley Stadium. And the last time this happened was during the Euro 1996, and we were doing the Alaska/BC cruise season that particular day, the 26th of June 1996.

And because of the time difference between UK and our location, it meant this match was being played when we were alongside (moored).

One of our Captains was very interested in Football, and he happened to be onboard during the Championship, and that was Captain Karlo Buer. He was of course very aware of this match, and was also very interested in watching this match. But how could we do that, as you might remember, the Satellite tv on the cruise ships was not exactly very much developed back in 1996. But cable tv was! And that was what Captain Karlo Buer knew.

Captain Karlo Buer (rip)

So what he did was to contact out local ship’s agent and tell him about our predicament, and that we had a plan. A plan the Captain together with our Chief Electrician had come up with. The Agent would check the nearest houses to where we were moored, and see if they had any cable tv connection, which by an amazing luck, they had. We then had to find a coax cable splitter, a veeeeeery long coax cable, and hook it up to the neighbor’s connection.

I remember very much the agent’s face as he thought this must surely be some sort of a joke. But nope, the Captain was very adamant about this little football project. And so they did.

They hooked up the coax cable to the neighbor cable tv-connection, and stretched the cable along the pier, up the gangway, through the deck 4 staircase area, into the mess room, and ending up connected to the television in the Officer’s Dayroom. We lined us up so one group sat on the floor, one in the coach, and one behind and over them. Almost like spectators in a stadium.

I think Germany won on penalty shootout? Regardless, thnx to Captain Buer, I will always have this amazing memory which pops up whenever England and Germany play against each other.

M/V Seabourn Pride.

25 years ago, wow, where did the years go?

Good memories indeed.

Rgds, Sailor

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