Alaska, worth visiting with smaller vessels.

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I have been several times to Alaska with my job onboard cruise vessels. And one thing is for sure, when you look at the mega ships in the fjords and bays, you get a feeling you really are part of mass tourism.

You observe the small towns from the deck and it is like a moving blanket over the town, which actually are 1000s of people moving in big groups. I remember one town, Haines I think it was, had a population of 800 at 6 am, and at noon the population was 12 000 people!

With a smaller size cruise vessel.

An advantage with smaller cruise vessels (or local operators) is that you can fit in to the smaller areas where you get a feeling of being more alone when you take in the amazing sights.

Look at the pics from my trips to the Glaciers in Alaska. A little slide show below. Amazing view. Amazing weather. You really feel lucky when you experience something like this.

The pics below is when we launched the ship’s rescue boat, for two reasons. To take some nice shots of the ship, and to pick up some ice from the glacier, which we later on chipped up and used as ice in the drinks onboard. 🙂

So there you go, a small selection of my pictures from my many trips to Alaska and B.C.

Myself, getting ready to launch the Rescue boat.

Trust me on this, you might pay a bit more by using local operators, but it is worth it.

Rgds, Sailor


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