Today’s picture. The Thai hospitality.

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Some cultures are more hospitable than others. This is something we can not ignore.

Coming from a northern European country, we have a tendency to be a bit more standoffish, and cool, when we meet strangers. Normally this is unintentional. Depending of course of the individual countries, but all in all, northern Europeans are a bit more…..shy, when it comes to meeting strangers.

Southern Europeans are a more social people (culture) than we northerners are, and I guess have developed their hospitality.

Any stranger are often welcomed to a table.

But when you come to South East Asia the first time, you really feel the difference. And I am sure 99% of all visitors to, lets say Thailand (like this example), have experienced this. Sure, Thailand is not unique in this regards, but I have a closer connection to that country.

I noticed very quickly this was not just a one time only. Again and again, I would feel the same hospitality, and welcoming smiles from the locals.

Good times for a stranger.

Sure, the bigger cities are changing faster and faster, and become more international. Luckily the peoples’ attitude is not changing that fast.

Oh how I miss Thailand now.

Rgds, Sailor

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