Walking around and getting to know my own town better.

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Something many of us forget, is the fact we do not know everything about the town, or city we are from. Especially if we are from a city with a couple of hundred thousand people.

And when your city or town is very old as well, then there are a lot to really take in, before you know it all.

My city is called Bergen, located on the south west coast of Norway. The city is about 900-1000 years old, founded around 1070 AD.

Architecture, then……and now.

So this day I decided to walk around in an area called Nøstet and Nordnes. And it is interesting to see how the different architectures are in those areas. The new and the old.


Really is interesting to see how they have managed to maintain the old areas of town, and at the same time made sure they are useful as residency areas.

And at the same time, on a personal not, not exactly impressed about the ass ugly architecture next to these old houses. Maybe something new, with a more traditional look?


Got to admit, my hometown is beautiful.

Rgds, Sailor


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