I am fat and can’t deal with it.

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You know what I am talking about here. At least you who struggle with the weight. It makes me mad just thinking about how weak I am, not managing to get this extra weight off my body. And the the fact I suffered a heart attack 7-8 months ago makes me worried. So I am getting so unbelievable frustrated.

I see myself as a relatively intelligent person. At least I like to think so. And if it turns out I am not smart at all, well then some of my previous Employers really did a poor job by hiring me. I work as a Senior Officer for a Cruise Company. This means I belong to the Management of the huge ship with 1000s of people.

Still, when it comes to losing that weight, I let myself be fooled, again and again. And the worst part about being fooled, is that I am fooled by myself. Again, this make me frustrated and sometimes mad at myself. Sounds familiar? I know it does.


Well, this is not helping.

I am trying to count calories, all time. But after watching some programs on tv about overweight people,  it is quite obvious that I count the calories wrong. Yes, as the picture above shows you, I once in a while eat junk food. Not that often actually. After my heart attack, I do not eat junk food often. But I guess I am eating the wrong food, combined with little activity maybe.

Just the fact I am writing this, shows everyone that I am aware of it. So why the H… don’t I act on it and do something for a change? Well, there you go. That’s the Million dollar question. Fooled by myself. Ridiculous isn’t it? Sometimes I feel like I have a split personality. Ouch, I hope none of my Employers read this 😉

Have you ever watched tv in the late evening and you feel like having some snack? Sure you have. We all get this craving from time to time. We with some overweight get it all the time. And we are aware of it as a problem. I can sit in a chair watching tv, and the craving comes. I know in my mind, I should NOT proceed to the kitchen to get something to eat. Then the “other voice” in my mind appears, letting me know that this time only is not gonna make any big changes. And before you know it, you are back in the chair chewing unhealthy stuff, late in the evening.


A few beers while I am out doesn’t hurt……or?

So there you go. How is this possible? How can a relatively intelligent person end up in such situation? How can I be so smart and at the same time so incredibly stupid? Because, lets face it, it is nothing less than pure stupidity. And once again, I know there are many like this out there. Millions upon millions of overweight and/or obese people. Health related stuff would not be a Billion Dollar industry if it was not a common thing.

Some say it is a conspiracy between the food producers and the Health related industry. I have never been into conspiracy theories. But when it turns out it was a conspiracy sometimes, I am often NOT surprised, since humans are often very cynical. However, I really have no opinion regarding the connection between the Food and Health industries. But I know they both benefit from each other.


Surely some fried rice with vegetables are good. Nope!


So, what is the answer here? We all know the summary is as simple as it can be. Make sure we burn more calories than we consume. Or, don’t consume more calories than we need. Everybody is aware of this. Everybody. Ok, except a few who is in total denial. But that is not the answer to the problem. The answer is whatever it is that makes us stop becoming overweight.


Easy to be active when the weather is nice.

I can only guess this question (how to lose weight) has become one of “those questions” in the modern society. Together with how to cure cancer, and does God exist? So many think they already have the answer, based upon their own experiences. Just like many of the x-smokers think they found the common way to do it. Well, I am an x-smoker, and I KNOW there are no magic bullet, because most x-smokers and previous fat have their own systems and have their own way of thinking.


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