Sharing some cruise related pictures.

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Tourist far away from home.

The picture you see above is by me, and it is taken in Yangon, Myanmar (Rangoon, Burma) back in the mid 90s. I had just started out in the Cruise Industry, after 11 years in the Navy. I was very excited about this new job. And little did I know where this new job would bring me the next 25 years.

Let’s have a look at a few other, shall we? 🙂

1996 unknown place
M/V Seabourn Pride.

The gorgeous looking ship above was my first cruise ship. A relatively small luxury cruise ship. The Seabourn Pride took me to many countries.


San Diego

And here is one when we went to San Diego, also in the mid 90s I think. It is hard to really keep track of where and when, after so many years. Especially since I have been to 126 countries in my life. Ok, let’s have a look at  a few other.


Sydney, Australia

This one is too easy. Even people who has never been here, will recognize this place, simply because of the famous architecture of the Opera house. The first time, some of my  British colleagues told  me it looked like a bunch of Nuns in a Scrum. Took me many years before I suddenly understood the joke.


On Duty

This is me in Vanuatu, one of the South Pacific islands. I do not remember the port right now, but it will come to me. As a Deck Officer, we also did Duty at the Gangway. A security related part of our job. When we sailed, we did the duty on the Bridge as Navigators. Good job.


Halong bay

This is a picture taken when we were in Halong Bay, in northern Vietnam. An absolutely spectacular view, which of course is on the UNESCO list.  This is one of those areas one just need to visit to see. A must for all  travellers.



Ok, enough for now, as this was just a little taste.

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