Queen Bee, a hidden gem in Bangkok

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The Queen Bee is one of those hidden places you will often just pass by on your way from A to B. Nothing flashy about this place so you do not notice it. Until you walk inside.
I have a feeling many of the customers, just as myself, have visited this place because someone you know have invited you there.
There is both an inside and outside area, which good for the smokers of course, as well as us who likes to see the world pass by.

Perfect place to meet friends.

This place offer live music, food and beverages.
The music is normally provided by a mix of local and expat talent. One thing is for sure, the musicians are professionals, so one will always be guaranteed to listen to quality performances. The band is located inside.
The food is the typical variation of Thai food mixed with a little bit of foreign food, which most of expats and tourists like. Tasteful stuff.
A big variety of beverages as expected of course.

Local and Expat talent perform here.

The couple (Thai/Farang) who runs the place are very good hosts, and easy to get to know. You really feel welcome as soon as you step inside this place.
I have myself been here 3 or 4 times already, and it quickly became one of my absolute favorite spots in Bangkok.


The Queen Bee facebook page.

The Queen Bee home page.

The Queen Bee Tripadvisor reviews.

This is absolutely one of those places you should visit when you move around in bangkok to find something not too touristy.

I am already looking forward to next time.

Enjoy, Rgds Sailor

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