Nautnes fiskevaer, perfect for fishing or some isolation

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Nautnes fiskevaer, or fiskevær which is a village usually located near a fishing ground, is a very popular place for those who wants to spend their days out fishing.
The rooms are equipped with anything you might find in an apartment. Because this is what Nautnes fiskevaer is all about. The rooms are small apartments in various sizes to accomodate 2, 4, 6 people.

The location is absolutely stunning, with the gorgeous looking coast just outside the windows, and the ocean only a few minutes away, with one of the many boats belonging to the hotel, which you can use.
The place is run by a daily manager who is always either present or available to call. He is very nice to chat with and seems very service minded. There is also a bus stop with regular bus service to the nearest (Spar) store, where you can buy most of the stuff you need.

However, there are also some minor issues here.
The rooms are in need of some maintenance, and the cleaning was NOT up to standard when moving inn. The noise from the neighbours are very easy to hear, and especially the ones upstairs.
The veranda is big and a nice place to sit, but the floors are just made of planks with gaps in between, which means all kinds of debris, including cigarette ash will be dropping down on your own veranda. This was absolutely ridiculous! There MUST be installed a protecting sheet under the veranda floor, to prevent stuff from raining down to the neighbours under.

To sum it up.
All it needs is some fixing up and this will be a top notch place.

Nautnes fiskevaer facebook page.

Nautnes fiskevaer homepage.

Worth visiting.

Safe travel, Rgds Sailor.

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