Walking through Nordnes in old Bergen.

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Once in a while, I travel in to Bergen City, from one of the suburbs where I for the moment stay in, which is Loddefjord. When I walk in Bergen, I try to sometimes walk into the older parts of the city, to see how they have managed to keep the buildings maintained, without making them super modern. And I must say, they have in certain areas managed to do a good job, despite the pressure from the selfloving bureaucrats and local politicians, who want to modernize everything.

Older but beautiful houses in Bergen.

At this particular day, I decided to walk around an area of Bergen with the name Nordnes. The name translated to English would be North cape, or North headland, since this area is a small peninsula within the Bergen county area. NOT to be confused with Bergen county in New Jersey, US.

Nordnes, Bergen.

Nordnes on Google maps can be found here.

And the reason why I wanted to walk here was because I know I lived in this area when I was about 1-2 years old, before we moved to another part of the city. I had a couple of old pictures and name of the road, and after a while, I found. 🙂

And to make a comparison between then and now……

The area has been kept in an amazing good shape. The old buildings are absolutely gorgeous.

So, if you ever visit Bergen, this is one area you should visit, because there are plentiful of small bistros and coffee shops in the area as well. And not to forget, the local aquarium is just a walking distance from here.

Welcome, and enjoy.

Rgds, sailor



  1. Oh wow it is so beautiful @_@
    How did it feel being in a place you know you had been but probably too young to remember too much? Did it like invoke some kind of nostalgic feeling? Or curiosity probably? x


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