Nautnes fiskevaer. Pictures and Videos.

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I made a post recently about this place, and at the same time made the post like a bit of a review of this place. However, since this area is very scenic, I will use this post for only displaying pictures a couple of short videos from the 2 weeks I spent there.

Beautiful scenery.

Everywhere you look, it reminds you that the ocean is just out there.

Walked a bit around this nice place, and there was a nice hiking area as well.

Amazing view from the balcony (video above). And so clear water as well. Lucky with the weather, since it was only 3-4 days with rain those 2 weeks.

The ocean in the background.

Special ending on the video above. lol

I gave up on this one. 🙂

All in all, a very nice stay. I recommend it.

Save travel as always, but especially these days.

Rgds Sailor.

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