Hi, I am Kai, from Norway. I am a seafarer with a Master Mariner (Captain’s) licence, and with experience from the Norwegian Navy, and the Cruise Industry. I was 11 years in the Navy, and started in the Cruise Industry in 1995.

Present job.

Obviously, due my work over a lifetime, I love traveling and meet up with relatives, old friends and colleagues. So easy to travel these days isn’t it, and still so much to see.

You will of course see a lot of posts related to Travel and especially the cruise industry, due to my present job of course. And you will also see a lot of stuff related to Thailand, due to the fact I have spent a lot of time there the last 20 years or so.

I like Thailand.

As for regular interests, like to read nonfiction books, watch films, sitcom series, and football (soccer).

Have no serious plans with this blog site. Just telling stories, and share my opinion about stuff I guess. And I know, sometimes my opinion is absolutely ridiculous. But it is my own opinion. 🙂

Rgds Sailor