My pics from cruising, to places far away as Pearl Harbour and Corinth Canal.

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Sharing some more pics from my career on cruise ships. This time a couple of pictures from a place which really brought out the tears in my eyes, since I am a former navy man. We visited Pearl harbour, and did a short harbour cruise there with mainly American passengers. Listen to the guide talking was amazing.

Pearl Harbour.

Did not have too much time to take many pictures since I was at work as well, as one of the Navigators back then.

Guess we all can see what this has been.
Hard to imagine how many was lost here.

Luckily we also visited other places with not so sad history. At least not recent history. Because we also visited Greece and Italy that year, and one thing was really a highlight, and that was the Corinth Canal. Took some slave labour to finish this amazing canal.

The Tug boat is not pulling us. Just connected in case we get engine failure.

Where exactly this canal is, you can see on the map here. It is nothing less than amazing.

And then we continued to Italy.

These are the rocks near the Italian island of Capri.

And Capri, we can find here.

More pictures from these places another time, since we did revisit again a few years later.

As always, safe travel, and especially these days.

Rgds Sailor.

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