When a cruise ship experience bad weather.

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Although most cruise ships always seek out the areas with the best weather, and the best seasons as well, bad weather will once in a while be unavoidable. When that happens, it can become a really bad experience for many of the passengers and crew members as well. Some will be put off in regards to cruising, for the rest of their life, and some just ride it out and get used to it.

The show lounge need some TLC.

One thing is for sure, whatever stories you might have heard, no sailor with respect for him/herself will ever just sail into bad weather. All prudent sailors will ALWAYS try to avoid bad weather. But when it happen, it can be brutal. So here is just a few pictures from one of my previous ones, the M/V Seabourn Pride, taken in the North Atlantic.

I think I will skip the gym this evening.
But the show must go on? Well, in this case the work must go on.

So, we can see there can be destruction during bad weather, so securing the stuff has become a routine these days.

More about this and a story about bad weather I experienced…here.

As always, safe sailing, especially these corona days.

Myself, back in 2009.

Rgds, Sailor.

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