My first visit to Thailand, part II.

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All right then, we are here, after a long and sometimes a bit stressful trip. With most likely change of flights for most, time differences, all the walking and then waiting at the airports, and the taxi line. Not to forget the memorable first taxi ride through the traffic to the hotel, with a let me guess, a driver who “accidently” took the wrong turn on the highway.Sounds familiar?  I bet it does. 555… (you know what this number means).

Some street food late at night.

Finally checked inn to the hotel or have reached final destination, maybe a nap due to the fatigue and the time difference? Or maybe one is just to excited about the fact we are finally here, for the first time, and we want to plan what to do, or just have a walk.For me it was out early in the evening to have a sightseeing, together with some friends of my colleagues, who were kind enough to show me around. Not only the regular tourist spots, but also the “darker” ones. Which I guess is also kind of tourist spots, come to think about it. The evening was finished with a meal at one of the street food vendors. You know the ones you used to see basically in every street downtown all cities and towns in Thailand. And of course, I got stomach trouble. 555

Careful what you put in your mouth Khun Kai.

I had already been told by friends and colleagues that most people might feel a little reaction to the street food in Thailand. This due to the new bacteria the body needs to deal with in the beginning. I guess we react in different ways. But you get used to it, and you start enjoying all the new types of food and all the new smells and tastes.Until you have too spicy (hot) food for the first time. That is an experience one hardly forget as well. Oh my God, how spicy some of the food can be in Thailand. And I have had my “out of the body” experiences, as I like to call it. The heart is pounding, you are sweating like crazy, the tongue is almost paralyzed. Sounds familiar?

Some new and exotic tastes.

Ok then, off we go on a sightseeing. After all, one must see some of the sights when you first have travelled across the globe, right? And if one have real luck, there is someone you know, or a local guide who speaks very good English, because the locals normally do not understand English, and you do not know a single local word. Right?
Then there are all these new strange customs one must be aware of, since this is a very different culture. It is so easy to step on other peoples culture when one do not know anything about it. But it normally ends well, as soon as one realize a smile goes a long way in Thailand.

Visiting some local Temples (Wat) is always on the agenda.

I bet the previous pictures are a well known sight for most people. Who hasn’t been to one of the Floating markets around? Unfortunately, if we want to visit one these days, they are basically just a show for tourists.
Same with the Crocodile farms, King Cobra farms, etc.
Of course we can not forget the grand Palace either, another beautify which has been turned into a tourist trap. More pics from that place later.
Don’t forget to take off shoes before entering the temples. That can be a uncomfortable exercise for older tourists.

Visit a beach or a resort on an island? Always a welcome sight the first time.

It is quite incredible how much one wants to cover the first times in Thailand. Several friends of mine were almost exhausted after a trip to Thailand. So many new things to see and new things to do.
Not to forget the islands.
Oh yess, the many islands in Thailand can be almost like heaven on earth. Although these days, less and less are secluded, as mass-tourism has arrived to most of the islands as well.

What is next? Out in the country side maybe?

Safe travel, especially these days.

Rgds, Sailor

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