First Look As Newly-Stretched Star Breeze Leaves for Sea Trials

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The newly stretched Star Breeze for Windstar Cruises is undergoing her first set of sea trials for Windstar Cruises having become the first of three ships to undergo the company’s $250 Million Star Plus Initiative.

The stretching job at Fincantieri saw the addition of a new mid-section with 50 new suites, two new restaurants, new engines, and additional upgrades. The total capacity of the expanded ships will be 312 guests.

Adding a section.

The initial cut to the ship happened in October 2019 while new engines went in in February of this year. 

As part of the Seattle-based company’s Star Plus Initiative. Windstar is stretching each of its three Star-class ships, which it previously acquired from Seabourn. 

The Star Breeze is poised to debut in the Caribbean in January 2021, sailing from San Juan on a seven-day cruise program.


The Seabourn Spirit, x-Breeze.

The Seabourn Spirit, now the Star Breeze, was one of the three sister ships, the famous triplets, owned by Seabourn Cruise Line. And also one of my previous workplaces.

Spot the difference.

Article from Cruise Industry news……….here.

I must admit, I really miss those days when we worked on those famous Seabourn Triplets.

Anyway, happy sailing, and of course safe sailing, with the new ones. 🙂

Rgds, Sailor

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