Generation Kill.

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Generation Kill
Can’t believe this one also flew under my radar, so I am very glad I found it and watched it.
This is one of those series you will “binge watch” if you have plenty time on your hands.
We all know how messy this war ended, and it is still a mess, and they show that in this brilliant series. But that is not making the series any less watchable.
As someone else wrote, this is finally something from the people behind the amazing series The Wire.
And they really deliver.
The cast is a amazing, with a lot of talent, and the script is obviously great.
The storytelling is very good, and you get to know the characters very well.
What surprised me is how they portray or make the US Marine Corps (and the military in general) look like.
I am surprised that is not generating more criticism at all in that regards. Because they do really make the military look in totally out touch with rest of the society.

There is an extreme homophobic wibe among the entire group of soldiers, which is displayed a dozen times in each episode.
They look down on basically any local person they meet, and act like they are the Master class of the human species.
For me, the biggest surprise is when the story tells us how the soldiers do NOT trust Officers in general, and back-talk more or less all ranks above them.
There is absolutely zero trust in how the high ranking officers handle the strategy and especially the tactics. And it also shows. You sit with this feeling you are watching amateur Armchair Generals ordering professional soldiers in a war.
You also get a feeling the only reason this strange outfit can win against an inferior force, is by overwhelm them with manpower and weaponry. Without that, they would stand no chance in hell.
I guess this was part of the story maybe?

Regardless, it is a very good series, which should be watched.
Good stuff.

Rgds, Sailor

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