Why Cruise Ships And Yachts Are Mostly Painted White.

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So when we say the word cruise ships or luxury yachts, what color will it be in your imagination? Probably white, right? It is so because we’re used to seeing big white cruise ships. Now the question is whether white color is necessary, fancy or just a tradition? Different people comes out with different reasons, but are all of them true? Let’s have a look at it.

Actually, colorful cruise ships and yachts actually do exist. Historically, the great ocean liners had dark hulls. One of the reason for this was the fact that they burned coal for their fuel and the combination of loading coal onto the ships, and the exhaust was dirty, and the dark hulls helped hide that dirty look.

First, let’s understand why most cruise ships today are white? Well, one of the most prominent reason is ‘temperature’. As we know the color ‘white’ is the best reflector among all colors.

White cruise ships became popular because designers thought it would keep the ship cooler in warmer climates as cruise ships and yachts typically sail in tropical, warm climate places. The white color also allows air conditioning systems to work less, thus saving energy.

Mostly the passengers onboard a cruise ships are elderly people, who are just seeking peace and comfort. For this reason, the air condition system has to be working full power most of the time and white paint at least allows the cruise ships to maintain the required temperature.

However, the ‘temperature’ is not the only reason to paint most of the cruise ships white. There are other ‘psychological’ reasons too. The color ‘white’ is often linked with luxury and status. On the other hand, white paint-job looks clean and shiny, it stands out from the background of the sea and sky. It invokes the best holiday spirit. It gives the passengers a sense of occasion.

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On a personal note, the crew inspect the hull all the time, following a schedule, so rust or other issues will be found regardless of the color of the hull.

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