A trip to North East Thailand (Isaan) farmland.

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A few weeks before I went back to Europe, I decided to visit the in-laws one more time, to say see you later. As always there will be eating and drinking when people meet in Thailand. Something we visitors have learned after some time here. Actually, this socializing is very common all over the region.

So we will always bring with us something we picked up at the nearest marked. Food and beverages. And my wife is always looking forward to this, to give all the items, and to eat some of the local stuff, which by the way I stay well clear off. I guess some of the local food is what you call an acquired taste.

A few pictures from this trip.

As we all know, food is important, and not only as nutrition, but in most social settings in the region.

Slideshow above: Chicken, fried rice and grilled prawns, are good stuff for me. The rest is……. well, not my thing really. Some too spicy and some too ethnic?

It is amazing to see the differences in the 3 seasons they have here. When I was here last time, it was in the end of February, which means the Hot Season had just started, or was about to start. So everything was dry. Later it would be burned by the sun.

As you might see in the video above, it is very dry at this time of the year. Amazing to think how green and lush everything will be within the next 6-7 months.

Walking over the dry rice paddies, we met this guy (below). A very polite old fellow. I noticed his hardened features, and it reminded me how lucky I am, and how easy I have had it.

Watching his herd.

As you can see below, the only thing I change when I “go country” is the footwear.

A typical city Farang (me).

Below video: walking on the paths between the dry rice paddies, and meeting the old gentleman.

And as always, as the below slideshow, fun and games is very important as well, in order to make sure “Sanook” is present.

Good food, good beverages, good fun. Good family. I am blessed.

And I will end with the same picture as in the title. One of the older gentleman’s Buffaloes. As I approached it to make a couple of shots with my mobile phone, The guy stood up and told my wife to make sure I did NOT get too close. Turned out the Buffalo in the shot had a calf just behind. Ahhhhh, the stupid city slicker I am. 🙂

You tell in the eyes that I should stay back.

The end of another great time with my in-laws in north eastern Thailand. Or, Isaan which the region is called.

Ohh how I look forward to the next trip, whenever that will be. Soon I hope.

Rgds, Sailor.

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