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Today’s picture reminds me of a simpler time and place.

The picture is taken in the province of Kalasin (Karasin), in north east Thailand. This part of the country is called Isaan.

The picture is taken in early 2000s, when my future wife and I went to visit her family. I was very well taken care of by all the family members, as well as friends and neighbors. The picture is taken outside my (future) wife’s grandfathers house, where we had something to eat as well as plenty to drink.

For me, it was not that easy to just sit down on a mat, on the floor/street. I had been sitting in a different way for so many years, I remember I could hardly get up after a few hours. 🙂

I look very serious in the pictures. My future Father in law in the middle.

It was a very special feeling, I really could feel the good vibes and kindness among the folks, despite the fact I could not speak a single Thai word back then, and nobody could speak any English, except my future wife. She really had to translate that evening. Very good memories.

Good times.

Rgds, Sailor

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