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Today’s picture reminds me of a simpler time. A simpler time for us who work in the Cruise Industry. The picture here is in the end of the so called Good old days, where customer satisfaction was the highest priority, before it slowly started to change.

These days, the most important is to prevent lawsuits and other issues which might be of negative impact. Report writing and analysis are part of today’s cruise industry.

Of course, a lot of good stuff has happened as well, such as more emphasis on a proper safety culture. less Cowboys at sea I guess. Nothing wrong with cowboys, but maybe not behind a wheel. 😉

Bridge tour for the passengers.

The pictures here show a more relaxed bridge visit culture. Before the Security culture really kicked in. Some ships even had an open bridge policy where the passengers basically could walk in to the bridge, unless the door was closed.

Wow, so that is how I looked, without any gray hair. 🙂

Good times.

Rgds, Sailor

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