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Today’s picture is to remember good times during summertime in Northern Norway.

It can actually be very warm during the summer far north in Norway. Warm enough to just wear a (very short) shorts. And the days are long, due to the midnight sun.

For months, the sun never sets (goes below the horizon) at all, so the daylight is 24 hours. Crazy to experience the first time. Even for Norwegians from Southern part of the country. Even though we know about it. It must be experienced.

Amazing view.

As one might see on the shorts 😉 , the pictures are taken a few years ago. Back in 1989 I think it was.

An amazing area called Kvænangen , or Kvenangen.

An area one should put on the so called “bucket list”.

Happy travel, when it starts up again.

Rgds, Sailor


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