Check Inn 99, Bangkok.

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Check Inn 99. The name will forever be connected with good memories for me.

This was by far my favorite go to place, any day in the week. So I will use this opportunity to share a few pictures from good times. I bet there are a few familiar faces here. 😉

First, a few of my young brother, and myself.

Good times.

The band, who doesn’t remember Music of the Heart band, from the Philippines.

Walking into this place the first time gave you this feeling of having walked through a time portal or other dimension. So many strange and funny things decorating the walls.

Regular stuff.

The band always remember the songs which the customers requested. And the front lady in the band, Cherry, always remembered their names as well. She had a mind for face recognition. Amazing.

A song the band sang for me, and posted online, while I was away on the ship. Sorry about the quality.

The place was run by an amazing owner/host from Australia, Mr. Chris. He had managed to turn this place around in the last minute by buying the place just before it went under. Never heard anyone say a negative word about this man. I did write a few words about this amazing turn around operation earlier… here.

This place were transformed from a Hostess (working girls) place to a regular bar/restaurant with live music 7 days a week. This way they opened up for a more variety of customers, so it was normal to see at least 3 generations among the customers here. I even brought my mother here when she went to Thailand to visit me.

My dear mother and brother, with the Check Inn 99, house band.

So many good memories from this place.

Unfortunately they didn’t get a new contract and had to move. Eventually ending up in Sukhumvit, soi 33, in Bangkok. That place (with the same name) had a kore modern look, but was unfortunately a bit away from rest of Sukhumvit’s entertainment areas. It permanently closed later on.

I am very happy I had the opportunity to experience the old Check Inn 99, in Bangkok.

Rgds, Sailor


  1. I agree. The Checkinn 99 was a fantastic place and I will always have fond memories of it. Mama Noi was always a gracious host and Chris is a great guy. It’s sad…but Bangkok appears to be losing lots of the old expat haunts that made it such an interesting place. In the Checkinn you could be sitting next to an offshore oil worker on one side and Embassy personnel on the other. Great Times!


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