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This picture is from the first time I visited the “Crocodile Farm” at Samut Prakan, Thailand. The location is near the international airport in Bangkok.

The ones who have been there will most likely tell about a relatively worn out Crocodile farm, but still very much entertaining for people who never saw thousands of crocodiles (and other animals), close up.

And of course, you can buy some food so you can feed the Crocodiles. Always a please for both visitors and the “inmates”.

Ready to be fed.

And by the way, you can also taste the crocodile meat at one of the restaurants inside the area. Nothing much to write home about. Found out there is not much meat on the bones.

Resting in the shadow, after a meal.

Is it worth visiting? Absolutely.

Again, the kids will love it.

Have a nice trip.

Rgds, Sailor

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