Money, money, money………..from destroyed Norwegian nature.

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The destruction of the Norwegian nature is continuing.
The number of people against this crime has increased, but unfortunately not fast enough.
So soon we will pass the point of no return, and the guilty politicians will be long gone,
and as always claim they just did what was right there and then.

The text: Less and less people for the projects, so it is a tough debate. PM Erna Solberg,

Most of my friends, family members, colleagues and x-colleagues live their regular, fairly good lives, not thinking about this at all, or even do not give a damn. This is of course because they do not feel it close to themself yet, or get it so near their own areas, thus are not personally affected about this.
This attitude is not some new, because this is what we see all over the third world and countries which has become dictatorships.
People are just happily ignorant, until suddenly one day, they start thinking about it.
I am not blaming them or pointing a finger at them, because I used to be just like that,
until I found out I can at least try to contribute with something.


A high ranking Swedish politician said several years ago that Norway is Europe’s last Soviet state.
I can kind of agree with him, because there are so many things about the Norwegian state which you can NOT call democratic anymore.
Nobody who works for the “system” in Norway has any responsibility whatsoever.
Doesn’t matter if they work for county or state. The Norwegian politicians and bureaucrats have managed to create a system which is faceless, thus people hardly ever mention the names which is behind these departments and state organs.
That way even the people making the bad decisions on all levels, will never get sacked, because they will always just say, these are the rules.
And the rules have often been made without people’s knowledge, and it is too late to do something bout it when they are implemented.

This looks like a good place to destroy.

This is exactly the issue Norway is now experiencing with the destruction of the nature, which Norway and her people have been so proud of, and been advertising for worldwide.
Heck, even the Norwegian tourist organizations are silenced, and they do not want to make the politicians angry, in case they need some sort of benefits from the state.
So what we look at here is a devastating situation where the regular person can only watch the nature be destroyed, together with all the wildlife which existed there, while the politicians have managed to give amazingly good contracts to their business friend to do this.

Money making.

It seems to not matter at all that there have already been so many other Green solutions on the table, which could have been used instead. Solutions which would be cheaper, greener, and with the same output of clean energy.
Unfortunately this would not become such good business for the contractors, thus they have managed to convince the politicians about their own more expensive approach. The political leaders are not stupid. far from it, so they are fully aware of this. So why do they not act on it?
Of course, we already know that Norway has been a very political corrupt country for the last 35-40 years at least. Unfortunately, we now also see the financial corruption among our elected political leaders as well.
We have created a modern Soviet State.

Corruption – Local Mayor refuses any wind turbines on his own land, but approved it other places within his county.

I always write these articles a bit extreme, and sometimes I am wrong.
I know this, but the point is to create awareness and debate.

PS. One of the wind park projects will need 170 Kilometer with solid road into the area. 170 Kilometers! And still, the silent majority dont give a fuck, as they are more concerned about the development in their favorite Reality shows on tv.

Apologize for the spelling.

Rgds, Sailor

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