Norway willing to destroy their nature….to save it.

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It is a hot topic these days. I am talking about the windmills of course. Not because people do not want clean energy and want to make a better environment. But because many have now understood this is more than just a green initiative. It is a money making industry, which in the end of the day only think about one thing…..profit.

Screw the nature, money first.

And profit they make. A lot of it. The Norwegian state in it’s arrogance and extreme political corruption, will not let regular people voice their concern. Lead by the extremely weak leader, Prime Minister Erna Solberg, whom by the way will be remembered only for one thing, her talent for choosing extremely poor ministers (they come and go). This seems like a lost cause for the moment. And in good Norwegian tradition when shit hits the fan, nobody is to be blamed. There is no such thing as responsibility among Norway’s leaders, local or central (state).

So, when the politically weak but greedy Erna Solberg and her cronies are dealing with the business world, they are easy to handle. Because business is based upon one thing alone, to make money. So Erna Solberg and her partners in crime are handing over contracts after contracts to foreign companies. And when we look closely, we can see that the money is not really travelling far from home. More about that at a later stage. For now, let’s look closer how they destroy the nature!

Cost nothing to build, transport, mount, and maintain, and dismantle??

One problem we also face in Norway is of course the same as everywhere else, when it comes to the politicians. As they start their political careers, they become more and more self centered and focus solely on their own careers. This results in the party whip and how they become prostitutes to their own party, whatever they think. They will continue down the path they took, all in the name of self preservation. So when a politician, on local or state level try to reason with the party, it is already doomed. So they stay the course, even if it is towards the f…ing iceberg.

One of the typical examples is also something we see in other countries. That is when the projects suddenly need more funding. Nobody thought about it, and the leaders of the projects are not to blame. Nobody!! Below is a bridge in Norway where the taxpayers (local budgets) will take care of a bill of 55 million NOK to make a new bridge which can take the trucks with the windmill parts.

Let’s make a new bridge, shall we? 55 million should be enough.

The picture below is not from some local church with all the happy participants smiling happily at the prospect of going to heaven. Nope! That is the smiling gangsters who are part of the problem.

Organized crime??

This is about to get out of hand, and once again the local and central politicians do not give a damn. They are of course supported all the time by the greedy contractors, who come up with tailored reports about how amazing this all will become. Norway will save the entire world’s environmental problem, is the message they are being told. I am guessing at the same time the traditional brown envelopes are being handed over (electronically).

Unfortunately, the Norwegians are not too loud and do not make too much fuzz about things if they in the end of the day think they have a decent life. So they go about with their regular life, and they cast their votes for the exact same criminals to their political positions….again and again.

I guess we really do deserve the governments we get.

Rgds, Sailor.


  1. And now Norway is owner of very big salmon farms in Chile destroying the fjords of the south of Chile, together with all its wildlife below the water. Becuause in Chile, more is possible when in Norway it is prohibited. In a few decades, nothing will be left of our pristine fjords. A true nightmare.


    1. A colleague of mine told me a few years ago, Norway has become the Arabs of Europe. And I must admit this is true. Nothing wrong being arab, but he meant we were a small rich and spoiled country, and we bought up more and more.


  2. most political parties can go suck it, they don’t even need to care about lying as trying to punish lying politicians are impossible(they conveniently removed that possibility by removing the law that said they could be fined and arrested for breaking promises under the premise that it had not been used before, now they can just lie as much as they want to with no fear of reprecussions), the youth political parties(allowed to join at 15 years) are more or less indoctrination schemes, they are just as willing as the main parties to attack and slander people leaving, publically shaming them by calling them traitors. Police is arresting and fining protesters against building the windturbines. municipalities can not veto directly or stop these construction plans without having going through excessive hoops, which lets face it won’t happen because most municipalities is ran by the biggest parties which are all in favour of windturbines, so one, they do not care, or two, they do not know the hoops to use.

    heck even if it is not due to lies they are guilty of but actual crime, they manage to slip away from punishment or the punishment is so light that it doesn’t serve even as a deterrent even if they are connected to breaking the laws in many cases, and even if they are found guilty they manage to quit their position in time so they won’t lose their nice comfy pensions.

    career politicans should not be allowed(lets face it, when they get into government they are doing their best to build connections, preferrably a well paid position after their term because they have no education or field of expertise outside of politics), youth political parties should not be allowed to be granted statefunds to operate nor should the main parties be allowed to fund them, make them private, let private citizens or businesses fund them if they want to.

    Norway is soaked in corruption.

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    1. I understand that. But it is the people who keep voting for the same politicians , period after period. Norwegians have had it generally pretty good the last 30-40 years, so this is becoming a luxury problem for them, and not so important…..yet.

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