No end to the Norwegian Romani bickering?

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Once again, the Norwegian Romani people are arguing over something petty. It seems to be no end to the arguing over any subject someone dares to bring up. It can be a book review, someone’s background (Romani enough?), news in general, or..God forbid..a new organization being founded.

This time, all the above is on the agenda. And once again this happens on the biggest Romani related Facebook group, which happens to be run by a handful of people, whom are in close family relations, and of course are running the official organization as well as a clan.

These self-proclaimed leaders and elite of the Norwegian Romani people think they can dominate and steer the agenda and discussions the way they want. Anyone else who tries to have alternative meanings, will be “hammered” by these people and their group of friends, making sure these “daring individuals” are overwhelmed with comments, so they are basically drowned in noise.

If a person is not too willing to tell the entire world who their parents and closest relatives are, in a public group, they are basically being openly discussed as dodgy people who has something to hide, thus is not to be trusted. This goes one as the person in question can read what the other talk about!

If a person claims a book about Romani people is a good read, and is recommending the book, and the “clan leaders” do not approve. Well, then the leaders will let you know crystal clear, that they and only they, have monopoly on the truth. Anyone else is wrong, if you have other ideas or beliefs.

These things are maybe not new, but they never stop. It is a constant scrutiny of what you might have of opinions.

But the real “humdinger” this time, is the audacity someone has by creating a new organization. Imagine that, a new organization folks. How dare you! 😉 If you ask me, any new organizations are welcome, since they sometimes will offer a slightly different view on things. Something we need in a modern society.

But the reason for the rage against a new organization is in my opinion based on an economical point of view. Because anyone in Norway can apply to the state for economical help, or some funding to their projects as long as it is Romani related. For this one, the application was even posted on the facebook group, with plenty of questions about why it was needed, what was the purpose, etc.

The hostility was absolutely ridicules! They even started to openly discus the founder of the new organization. Who is he? Why is he doing this? Is he really of Romani people? He should openly tell everyone about his family and relatives, so everyone can scrutinize him in public. I commented….  WTF? This is borderline public harassment of a person, and I stated this should make most of the members commenting look at themselves in the mirrors!

Oh yes, they are so afraid someone else will also have a piece of the cultural money cake, the state is handing out. As it was not enough for everyone. I have seen the budgets and all the money is never spent.

Sure, losing control as the main organization will also worry the “leaders”. And if a new organization start to get members over from the other already existing organizations, then the funding to run these Orgs will start to dwindle.

So, one might wonder what is the main objectives with the already existing organizations are. Self-enriching? Bossing other around? Or a genuine wish for spreading Romani information.  The latter is not the case, because despite all the talk within the groups, you hardly ever see anything in the mainstream media. Spending money on a professional PR-firm would go a long way.

I will of course risk being “shunned now”, but it needs to be said. Someone must also be a critic of our own as well. Sooner or later the mainstream papers will start writing about it, and then we as Romani people will definitely lose control of the information flow we want the society to get.

Rgds, Sailor

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