Thai snacks, not for all.

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I bet anyone who has been to Thailand will remember the first time they saw these food carts. They seemed to be located everywhere, with this special snacks which Thais, and especially those form the rural areas absolutely love to nibble on.

The title picture is, as you probably can see, a plate of fried baby frogs.

The faces the visitors have shown over the years must be stories to tell by all the vendors. I can clearly see my family from back home, and friends who visited me in Thailand, and their faces when they looked at these carts.

Anyone up for some friend grasshoppers?

I have to admit, it took me some time before I even dared to taste one of these insects. It comes to a point when you spend a lot of time in Thailand when you are considered as a bit of a coward if you at least have not tried the local types of cuisine. So I did. First I tried the fried grasshoppers. And they actually tasted like some sort of salty crisps. Of course, you can tell what it is when you chew on the legs of the little critter. But not bad at all.

Ready? Oh come on you coward!
Nice selection.

Even the baby frogs in the title picture is not bad to eat. They also taste like some sort of fried salted snacks. As long as you dont overthink it, it is not bad at all. Even the fried silkworms are ok. Again they are dry, and salted, and crispy. Just like snacks.

But there are many other dishes I would never dare to try. One of them is the dish with ants egg, with some ants in it as well, with lots of herbs and stuff. No thank you.

Ants eggs anyone??

Or, what about some nice and juicy scorpions? Hell no! I never understand how someone could even think of eating them. But then again, I am used to processed food, so one must learn about other cultures before it becomes understandable. But even after I know, no thank you.

A nice plate of scorpions.

Not surprisingly we can find many of these vendors near areas with many bars or small pavement restaurants (street food). This is because there will be a lot of employees from the districts, where they love this kind of food.

If you are in a bar in Thailand, you will hear the special music the street vendors play, as a sign to the staff that it is time to get out some money and come and buy some snacks. Nice bar snacks.

Above: A typical Street vendor with a cart filled with various types of snacks. I took this video in Khon Kaen, outside a small bar called Chillin (Chilled) bar.

Bon Appetit.

PS. All the pictures and videos have been shot by myself.

Rgds, Sailor


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